Is your cat a full-time sweetheart and a part-time furniture destroyer? 

We understand the huge cat scratching frustration that thousands of kitty cat owners all over the United States face every day. Our Cat Couch Protectors are designed to save your couch and armchair recliner from razor-sharp kitty claws. 

If you’re one tired of having to use anti-scratch sprays and sticky paw tapes that do nothing but cost you more money, what you need is a simple yet extremely effective cat scratch deterrent. 

Our Cat Couch Protectors are… 

  • BEST VALUE 4 CAT COUCH PROTECTORS. Unlike other brands, you get four 18 x 8-inch scratch guards for total protection.
  • NO MORE SHREDDED COUCHES AND CHAIRS. Our protectors are made of heavy-duty, high-quality vinyl that will save your couch from cat claw holes.
  • NEARLY INVISIBLE, SELF-ADHESIVE CAT SCRATCH BARRIERS THAT STAY IN PLACE. No more pins that keep ruining your furniture.
  • USER-FRIENDLY APPLICATION IN 60 SECONDS. Easy to stick on the prime scratching areas of your home, including the surface, sides, corners, arms and legs of your recliners, furniture, doors, and walls. 
  • NO CAT CHOKING HAZARDS & INJURIES. Save your cats from swallowing sharp pins or stepping on them.