• COMPLETELY STOP CAT CLAWS FROM TEARING UP YOUR FURNITURE. No more shredded couches and sofas. Our scratch protectors are heavy-duty, high-grade thick plastic designed to save your furniture from cat claw holes.
  • SELF-ADHESIVE SCRATCH PROTECTORS THAT STAY IN PLACE. Scratch protectors are top-quality thick, yet flexible self-adhesive plastic that molds around furniture corners and legs, walls, and doors. Remove and reattach with no problem! No need to secure with screw pins that damage your furniture.
  • EASY, USER-FRIENDLY APPLICATION IN 60 SECONDS. A smaller adhesive strip is provided to remove loose fabrics from your furniture. Simply stick the scratch protectors on to the prime scratching areas of your home. Easily done in one minute!
  • ALMOST-INVISIBLE SOLUTION TO CAT SCRATCHING. Our Scratch Protectors are heavy duty and clear plastic vinyl that blends in with your furniture while completely deterring your cats from scratching.
  • FREE FROM CAT CHOKING HAZARDS & INJURIES. Our Scratch protectors are self-adhesive so you don’t need to worry about your pets swallowing sharp pins or you stepping on them.