You get 4 sheets in every pack of Cat Couch Protector

Our protectors are made specifically to protect your furniture from cat scratching without damaging them. These are perfectly safe for use on leather. 

Yes! Our Cat Couch Protectors are perfect to place on the prime cat scratching areas of your home, including the legs of your furniture. 

Although we are aware of people removing and re-applying Cat Couch Protector strips with success, our product is designed to be installed once only, for maximum adherence.  

Our Cat Couch Protector sheets are 0.5mm thick. 

Our Cat Couch Protectors are perfect to place on your cat’s favorite scratching area, including the surface, sides, corners, arms and legs of your couch, recliners, furniture, doors, and walls. 

Yes, Cat Couch Protector is thick enough to resist cat claws, but flexible enough to be placed on the bends of your couch or armchair recliner. 

We include fabric remover strips in our pack to remove excess fabric from your furniture before you place the Cat Couch Protector. This ensures a better bond between the protector and your couch or armchair recliner for continued use.  

Our Cat Couch Protector is clear and was designed to remain as unobtrusive as possible to not ruin the look of your furniture

Depending on how much you need for your couch, each pack of includes 4 pieces of Cat Couch Protector

Cat Couch Protectors have dimensions of 18 x 8 inches.

Using pins to protect your couch or armchair recliner puts it at risk for damage. Our Cat Couch Protector is adhesive enough to protect you from cat claws, but without lasting damage to your furniture.

Our protector is made from thick, high-grade vinyl that is liquid-resistant and will not allow cat pee to seep through your furniture.